VERITICO is a revolutionary tool from Logio. It offers a comprehensive solution to all possible Supply Chain challenges, using artificial intelligence, know-how, backed by decades of experience and innovative technology tools.

VERITICO software helps companies manage their supply chain efficiently – increasing sales while reducing inventory, ensuring the highest availability of goods and setting optimal pricing. All this with respect to the environment, sustainability and social responsibility.

At a Glance

  • A revolutionary tool from Logio
  • Connects data flows across the entire company
  • VERITICO integrated with Quant enables optimal supply of stores
  • Increase in profit by up to 15% and reduction in inventory by 15%
  • Increase in sales by up to 18%

VERITICO is not just a smart technology. Along with the software, it also brings to companies a philosophy and system of operating on the basis of "one truth." All data flows are connected and the entire company is managed efficiently. This leads to an increase in profits by up to 15%, a reduction in inventory by up to 15% and an increase in sales by up to 18%. VERITICO, when integrated with Quant, enables optimal supply of stores within set capacities, thanks to the sharing of information between the two systems. This creates a synergy that is unique in the world of retail.