Consent to the taking and use of photographs, audiovisual recordings and consent to the processing of personal data

By checking the box "I agree with taking and using photographs/audio/video recordings during the workshop." in the registration form, I hereby grant Quant Retail, ID 26446618, Tupadly 99, Postal Code 28563 (hereinafter referred to as „Quant Retail“):

1. Consent to the taking of photographs and audiovisual recordings (videos) of my person and expressions of a personal nature, including verbal speech at the workshop/seminar for which I am registering, I also consent to the use of the photographs and audiovisual recordings for the purpose of promoting Quant Retail's services by publishing or making them available on the Internet or through social networks. Quant Retail is entitled to use the photographs and audiovisual recordings only in a manner that does not diminish the dignity and reputation of my person.

2. I consent to the processing of my personal data - my likeness in photographs or video, as well as my name, surname, the name of my employer and the position I hold. I hereby consent to Quant Retail storing and processing the above personal data in its entirety for a period of 10 years from the date of this consent.

3. 3. The exact purpose and use of the photographs and audiovisual recording is described in Article 3.2 of the separate document "Information on the processing of personal data" ,which I have read.

4. Right to withdraw consent - I have been informed of my right to withdraw this consent at any time, in the form of a written or electronic request (by e-mail) sent to Quant Retail.