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05. 12. 2018

How to work with dimensions and photographs of products?

For the preparation of planograms you will need at least the dimensions of products. Photographs are not necessary, although the today's standard is to prepare planograms including photographs. Investment in the collection of data will worth the trouble during implementation that will be handled in a much quicker and more intuitive way.

What options are available?

  1. At first, you might think that approaching producers and asking them to send the photographs and dimensions of their products could be the easiest way. Many years of practice have shown that this plan that sounds relatively so easy is finally the most time- and labour-consuming. If you decide to use this way, take into account that it is necessary to prepare a precise procedure and instructions as to what criteria the data that will be used for planograms needs to meet. As far as dimensions are concerned, the biggest challenge is the correct understanding of what height, width and depth of the product is and in which measuring units the dimensions should be handed over, not to mention the plenty of e-mail communication required.
  2. Another option how to ensure the necessary data is purchase from agencies. The advantage of this way is promptness and precision. Unfortunately, in the Czech Republic not all market segments are covered by these services. Another disadvantage may be financial demands related to this method.
  3. The collection of data by own employees or temporary workers has proven to be the most precise and the least time-consuming in a majority of cases. If the persons are properly trained, the data is very precise and correctly recorded and with the use of advanced measuring instruments also quickly available.

How to take photographs for planograms?

A majority of producers have their portfolio of products photographed for marketing purposes. Although such photographs can be imported to Quant, they are not suitable for planograms.

If you have photographs that need to be cropped, Quant has tools that will advance such work. This concerns in particular automatic cropping and removing background with products having irregular shapes. Such products usually include background that is then depicted in planograms. The tool is able to recognize the edges of the product and is able to crop the picture in a way separating the product from the remaining part of the picture.

The difference is visible at a glance. A planogram with cropped photographs gives a much more professional impression.


If you are not sure how to provide source materials for planograms, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss all available options with you.