03. 11. 2021

Looking back at Quant workshop 2021

In October, we organized the traditional Quant workshop at Chateau Hostačov together with representatives ofDr.Max, Sportisimo, LKQ CZ, Notino,PetCenter and OD Kinský Žďár. This event is a wonderful source of inspiration for our further development, but also an opportunity to meet in person and show the use of Quant in practice to various retailers.

During the workshop, both our colleagues and representatives of individual companies spoke and each showed Quant from a different angle:

Petr Kavánek, CEO of Quant Retail, presented dozens of Quant's innovations and improvements over the last year, such as new reports and analyses, or improvements to spreadsheets that are more transparent and increase analytical capabilities.

Lukáš Jagnešák, Sportisimo, showed how they have managed to reduce overstocks by 35% since 2018 without reducing sales. He also presented our joint project of automatic replacements and replenishment.

Linda Michaličková, LKQ CZ, focused on Quant Task Management, our new solution of this year, whose uniqueness lies primarily in joining tasks with retail context.  

Andrea Pavelková and Markéta Vojáčková, Notino, showed how they managed to optimize the distribution of categories and products in stores so effectively that sales in key categories grew despite a 30% reduction in stock. 

Michaela Voženílková, Quant Retail, demonstrated many tips and tricks for working with Quant and each of the participants discovered something useful for their work.

Andrea Szymeczek, Quant Retail, presented the upcoming product listing solution, which will appear in our standard offer within the next year. 

At the end of the Quant Workshop, we had a discussion about planned new products and further improvements.

We thank all participants for a nice meeting and especially for mutual inspiration.