Dr.Max Slovakia

“Quant‘s greatest selling point is the functionality which creates planograms with such ease and speed to suit each individual pharmacy according to specified criteria such as sales and daily stock. Planograms can be created for one single pharmacy, a combination of pharmacies, or based upon the company average, depending on your choice.”

Andrea Szymeczek
Category Management Specialist

Customer Story

In mid 2013 we began our search for a category management system which would meet our quite considerable requirements. We needed a system to manage space, stock and display. We needed a system which would simply and clearly communicate with both suppliers and pharmacies.

We wanted a system which would be accessible from anywhere and at anytime. Quant meets, and even exceeds, all of these requirements.

For optimum space control in pharmacies, it is important to be able to obtain information about stock performance and productivity at any given time: Space to Sales analysis. With just one click this is possible in Quant. With just one more click, you can share this information with pharmacies via Chat. This functio- nality was especially beneficial for us during the first stage of building Ground plans, and while consulting with individual pharmacies.

When making decisions about our range of products we greatly appreciated the wide range of analysis available — according to supplier and brands.

At a Glance

  • Customer Since 2013
  • Largest pharmacy network in Slovakia with more than 300 pharmacies

Favourite Feature

Store specific planograms created automatically based on planogram template and specified criteria such as sales and daily stock.


  • Store specific planograms integrated with automatic replenishment.
  • Category Management including real floor planning with space share analytics influencing space distribution.