Specific Requirements on Ordering Volume

For some products, we may encounter various logistical requirements. For example, some products are ordered only in packages of a certain quantity and some suppliers do not allow us to order less than a certain specified quantity.

These requirements must always be set for a specific product in the Products section.

Requirements can be set:

  • for a product - this setting is applied to all stores in the Basic Properties tab
  • specific requirements for various stores in the Store Specific Properties tab

Order Multiplications

If you are ordering a product that only comes in a package of several pieces, you need to set the Order Multiplications property for that product. Here you fill in a number that will represent the number of pieces in one package.

Jogo tropic are always delivered in packs of 6 pieces. It is necessary to fill in the number 6 in the Order Multiplications property. Subsequently, if Quant should order 40 pieces of the given product according to the Minimum and Maximum settings, Quant will place an order for 42 pieces for this product so that 7 packages of 6 pieces can be sent.

Ordering Multiplications 

Min Ordering Volume

Min Ordering Volume indicates the minimum quantity of the given product that can be ordered. It is used in situations where, for example, the supplier has requirements for a minimum purchase quantity and does not want to send you goods in smaller deliveries.

Min Ordering Volume