Automatic Orders on Web

On the web interface, it is possible to display a list of products to be ordered to the stores. This gives stores an overview of what products need to be ordered and allows them to modify the ordered products if necessary.

Orders appear on the website in the menu in the Orders section. The entire order history is displayed for each store.

The Orders section of the web interface is optional. Orders can be sent directly to your ERP and may not be displayed on the web.

The order can be in the state of:

  • Draft = the store may be able to change the volume ordered.
  • Ordered = the order is already sent, the approved volume can no longer be changed and this volume is counted as stock on the way.

These states are only relevant if stores are involved in the ordering process, which modify the orders and send them, for example, to suppliers.

Overview of orders

If you want to display the products in the order, you must click on the link Draft or Ordered in the State column for that order. You will be redirected to the detail of the order, where you can see what products are to be ordered and in what quantity.

In the Suggested Volume column, you can see how many pieces of the product are to be ordered.

In the picture below you can see the order, which also includes the product with ID S0171. The current Stock Level of this product in the store in London is 2 pcs. The minimum for this product is 6 pieces, which means that its stock has dropped below the Minimum, so Quant included it in the order. The maximum capacity of this product is 10 pcs, which means that in order to replenish the stock of this product to Maximum, 8 pcs (10-2) must be ordered.

Order preview

If the order is in Draft status, the store can edit the order volume in the Approved Volume column. If the approved volume is different from the proposed volume, the cell is highlighted in yellow.

The store can download the order to Excel by clicking on the XLSX button or in CSV format and e-mail the order to the supplier or central warehouse. If it is the responsibility of the store to send the order, it clicks the Ordered button once it has been sent. The order will change its status to ordered and cannot be edited any further. At the same time, Quant will count the approved volume as stock on the way until the order is delivered.

Order confirmation and download to Excel

Setting the displayed columns of orders on the website

In Quant, in the Orders section, you can set which columns to display in the Orders section of the web by pressing the Web Settings button. You can change not only the order of the columns, but also their name for each user, or which columns under which name should be exported to XSLX or CSV.

In the first tab Orders you can set the appearance of the overview of all orders. In the Order Items tab, you select the view for the detail of a specific order.

Setting the appearance of the orders web
Setting the detailed appearance of the orders web