Automatic and Semi-Automatic Mode

Quant offers two options for managing the ordering process - automatic and semi-automatic mode. In automatic mode, stores are not involved in the process at all and orders are automatically sent, for example, to your ERP. Semi-automatic mode allows stores to enter the order process and edit order quantities.

Semi-automatic mode

We recommend using this mode mainly in the initial phase when implementing automatic orders. This feature allows you to check Min and Max values if they are set incorrectly and provides you with feedback of the store.

Basically, the process is usually set so that, for example, at 8 o'clock in the morning, an order is published on the website in the Orders section. The store can view the order and make the necessary changes. Subsequently, the order is automatically sent, for example, at 10 am. The store thus has space every day to check orders, or change the order quantity, if necessary, before the order is automatically sent. The time of publication and the time of sending the order depends on your preferences.

In addition, in order for the order to be automatically confirmed and sent, you must set up an automatic MinMax Orders Confirmation task. Here it is necessary to check the box Automatically Confirm Orders.

MinMax Orders Confirmation

In this mode, stores have the option to edit the order quantity. Quant will create a draft order, which the store will see on the web interface in the Orders section. In the Suggested Volume column, the store sees the quantities that Quant has proposed. In addition, the store office has an Approved Volume column in which it can edit the value.

Approved and Suggested Volume

We want to change the volume of the order for the product with ID 100082 and ID 100083. Quant suggest to order 3 pcs, but the store needs to order more. Therefore, it changes the value in the Approved Volume column to 5 pieces.

Changing value
After saving, the value in the Approved Volume column changes. Cells in which were manually changed are marked in yellow.
Changed value

Automatic mode

The second option is a fully automatic mode that works without an intervention of any store. If it is possible to connect Quant to your order processing system, Quant will automatically send the order to your system. It is possible to publish the order to stores on the website, but without the possibility of editing.

Automatic mode