13. 10. 2020

What is Retail Management?

Retail is undergoing a dynamic period of change. On-line sales grow and brick shops must react.

Simple communication platform

All elements of Intelligent Retail Management are part of the communication platform necessary for fast and convenient communication from anywhere. Employees, business partners and headquarters, producers and external entities can communicate in a secure environment tailored to the needs of each process.

Retail Management

Intelligent Retail Management helps traders more easily manage the entire process from the moment of the preparation of floorplans, through the definition of categories and assortment, preparation of planograms, calculation of orders, printing of SELs, etc. And all this on a unified communication platform where information can be interactively communicated with producers, employees and external entities.

Retail Management

The Retail Management process starts with planning of space, assortment and display.

Retail Management Process

Optimizing these three steps is the basis of Space and Category Management.

Space Management

Space Management refers to a process defining the optimal arrangement of equipment and categories within the store. When preparing the store floorplan or layout, several key rules are to be followed, such as Lakes, forests, and mountains and/or suitable localizations for Hot spots.

Floorplan and Space Planning in Quant

Category Management

Category Management and Planograms primarily manage assortment and its placing within specific categories. Among the main benefits of this process are in particular:
• increase in turnover and other indicators on which Category Management is focused (profits, etc.)
• easier stock management
• expediting the process of opening and reconstruction of new stores
• assortment able to respond to local needs

Groceries planogram on Quant Web

Retail Management extends Space and Category Management by additional tools that are part of a comprehensive solution.


The purchase order system allows you to use information about available space and displayed products together with sales data to automatically create draft purchase orders. 

Unlike with standard purchase order systems that are based on sales, here it is possible to optimize warehouse management directly on the selling area. This benefit is particularly important for stores with limited storage space. 


Pricing integrity

Price Tags from Quant

Based on information provided in planograms, it is possible to prepare reports on SELs, providing information on not only price, promotional events, product ingredients, etc., but also on product placement. This approach optimizes the pricing process – each SEL is equipped with exact information on where it should be placed. 

Process Optimization tools

Intelligent Retail Management is based on the mapping of optimal processes in the store and on this basis, tools are developed that connect the processes so that they are intuitive and convenient for users.

Optimal processes need optimal tools. Intelligent Retail Management is an advanced and smart way to improve the operation of retail.