22. 11. 2018

SELs integrated with planograms

Quant includes a very sophisticated Shelf Edge Labels management system. We have developped this system to be simple, comprehensible and to save time of staff and also additional printing costs.

In Quant it is possible to create various SEL types that can be then assigned to equipment thus allowing the store to generate printed reports with up-to-date SELs via Quant.

As a very useful tool you could consider price change detection which provides to stores only SELs of products whose prices have been changed. As a result, a store has a complete SELs list of products with changed prices.


Price Tags from Quant


   SELs integrated with planograms bring many advantages:   

  1. Automatic detection of change in prices - If a price of products has been changed, new SELs will be prepared automatically and staff can easily print them.

  2. Product position can be part of the SEL - This information is taken directly from planograms and it is updated after each change. 

  3. Print cost savings - You can print only SELs for placed products which results in cost savings.

  4. Flexible SELs design - Simple SEL Editor enables you to change design within a few minutes. Support of many different designs is taken for granted.

  5. Support of duplex and printing on perforated paper

  6. Printing action prices in advance - It is possible to publish SELs before a sale begins, so that the store is fully prepared when the new SELs starts to be valid.