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Category Management

Category Management is the art of setting up retail processes to make the most of available data and minimize the time and other costs associated with activities that are performed based on feelings or out of habit. Learn about the unique features that could benefit your Category Management as well.

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Demand Forecasting & Planning

Quant's AI forecasts future demand based on historical data and other factors such as promotions. High-quality sales forecasts help improve space planning, automated ordering and supply chain.

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Planogram Software

Planograms are a proven tool for preparing and implementing a good retail plan. Quant is a great software for creating planograms based on sales and space data. With Quant, you will be able to make the right decisions in the field of visual merchandising and thus increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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Automatic Replenishment

Automatic or semi-automatic orders are a great solution. It saves time for store staff, who can focus more on the customer. Goods are reordered in time to avoid stock-outs, but only in quantities that are reasonable to avoid overstocks and unnecessary expiration of the goods.

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Retail Floor Planning

Quant includes a user-friendly floor plan editor with advanced features for efficient sales space management and category management. Thanks to Quant, it is possible to effectively manage large sales networks even if the individual stores are not unified and each of them is original in its own way.

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Task Management

Quant Task Management is a tool that facilitates task management, improves communication between headquarters and stores and contributes to the successful functioning of key processes. Its uniqueness lies in the embedding of tasks in a retail context, for example by assigning specific store fixture, product, category, planogram or even a photo of the implementation.

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Planogram Sharing and Compliance

Planograms, thanks to their comprehensibility, are a great tool for managing the display in stores. However, a necessary condition for success is a well-managed process starting with the creation of a planogram at the headquarters, through its implementation in the store to the retrospective control and evaluation of the quality of implementation. Quant is the ideal tool for the whole process.

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Forms and Surveys

Feedback and information from stores, sales representatives, suppliers or management at headquarters are the key to shaping the optimal retail strategy. Quant manages the entire process of creating a form to your liking, sharing it with users within the Quant Web and evaluating responses.

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Shelf Label Management

Shelf labels represent one of the largest marketing and communication areas in store. Quant allows you to take full advantage of their potential thanks to its sophisticated editor, where you can easily set the appearance and content of shelf labels exactly to your liking.

Main Features of Quant

Planograms optimized according to sales
Connection to sales data and advanced reporting
Connection to (semi) automatic ordering
Multilayer floor plans
Flexible category hierarchy
Anomaly prediction and detection
Modern web interface for planogram distribution and communication
Shelf label management linked to planograms
3D visualization
Product library with user-definable attributes
Easy photo documentation of sales areas
Quant Task Management
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