Notino Case Study

The largest beauty specialist online retailer in Europe

• 24 brick-and-mortar stores in 8 countries
• 5,000 products in the database
• 200+ suppliers

Jérôme Poussin  |  International & Retail Director

What made NOTINO decide to look for a category management, planogramming and space planning system?

Notino is the largest online store with perfumes and cosmetics in Europe. We are gradually expanding our network of brick-and-mortar stores, where we connect the world of online shopping with a personal experience. At the beginning of 2019, we came to the point that we finally needed category management and that we should clarify our merchandising rules. Moreover, we wanted to track our performance at fixture level. Due to authorization process from brands and different levels of profitability per category, we needed a tool to manage all these aspects at once.

Why did you choose Quant?

We were looking for a solution that we could implement effectively. This means minimal resources on our side and strong support from the software vendor. During discussions with the Quant Retail team, I felt they understood our needs.

How was the implementation of the system and what were the first benefits?

The first steps related to cooperation between IT specialists, such as daily data collection, were very easy. Also, the initial training started quickly and allowed our colleagues to understand the steps. First we created a floor plan with the fixtures, then we filled the shelves with products.

“Thanks to the introduction of planograms and the optimization of store layouts, we were able to unify the displayed assortment and reduce the overstock of stores by 30%. Quant also helped us to significantly reduce the time needed to open new stores.”

Markéta Vojáčková | Category Specialist

How do you upload data to Quant? Have you managed to set up automatic data transfers between Quant and your ERP?

Yes, it was very easy. We transfer huge amounts of data and output is tailor-made so it is a very smart solution.

How has Quant Web proven itself to you as a tool for publishing planograms and communicating with stores?

Each store has access to web version of Quant. Every time we publish a new planogram, stores receive a notification. The chat for communication between stores and headquarters is also very popular. We can check the actual implementation in the stores by photos.

NOTINO also uses extensively the photos upload option to confirm the implementation of planograms. Did you find this procedure successful? What devices do your stores use for taking photos?

Our stores currently use mobile phone and share photos every Monday. In the near future, we expect to be more responsive and upload images on a daily basis depending on our needs.

You have opened several new stores in the last year. How has Quant helped you?

The best example is our new flagship in Brno (850 m²). It took us only two days instead of six to stock the store. Thanks to Quant, we designed the planograms in advance. The products then arrived from the central warehouse packed together  with the exact number of pieces for each fixture.

“Communicating with stores via the Quant blog has proven more effective than sending out emails. In addition, the evaluation of space, sales and the ability to easily show the spatial layout of a particular store has also simplified negotiations with suppliers.”

Andrea Pavelková | Retail Category Manager

What are your favourite reports and analyzes?

Performance between brands and between types of fixtures.

What were the biggest challenges of the project?

Setting a plan and goals from the start. We lacked internal rules.

Can you describe the main benefits of using Quant more than a year after deployment?

  • Standardization and professionalization of merchandising rules.
  • Merchandise display is handled professionally with stores.
  • Performance measurement by type of equipment.
  • It is easier to open new stores.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to continue with Quant and use this tool for automatic orders and for automatic planogram control based on the photos from the stores.

Tracking the performance of individual brands in different types of equipment

Reduction of the time needed to stock a store from 6 days to 2 days 

Sharing planograms with stores via Quant Web

Communication with stores via built-in chat

Check product display according to uploaded photos