Displaying the right products in the right place at the right time increases sales and customer satisfaction. Thanks to their comprehensibility, planograms are a great tool with which it is possible to manage the display in stores. However, a necessary condition for success is a well-managed process starting with the creation of a planogram at the headquarters, through its implementation in the store to the retrospective control and evaluation of the quality and results of implementation.

“In the spring of 2016, we first became acquainted with the Quant software. In addition to creating efficient floor plans and planograms, it also offered distribution and control over their implementation.”
Linda Michalíčková / Category & Merchandising Manager
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Quant offers integrated tools and solutions for the entire process.

Planograms tailored to store’s needs


If the store is to implement the planogram correctly, it must be prepared exactly for the specific equipment. If the shelf is 76 cm wide, the store cannot receive a planogram for 80 cm, otherwise we risk that an important product will not be placed, simply because it did not fit.

Quant contains advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence which from a template common to hundreds of stores will create optimized planograms exactly tailored to the dimensions and marketability of specific stores. Planogram previews are immediately available and the user can adjust the display criteria according to the needs in order to be satisfied with the result.

Planogram publishing


Publishing hundreds or thousands of new planograms to stores in Quant is a matter of seconds. Stores are automatically notified by e-mail and after logging in to the Quant Web, they have previews of new planograms available, including automatic visualization of changes compared to old planograms. When publishing planograms, it is possible to set implementation dates and an automatic notification system.

The immense advantage of Quant Web is that there is no need to install anything new in stores. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Quant Web is responsive; therefore, it works great not only on the desktop but also on a tablet or smartphone.

Implementation control


When confirming the implementation of the planogram, the store can use the camera of a tablet or phone and easily upload a photo of the implementation. The stores thus have a greater motivation to precisely implement the planograms and the headquarters has a good overview even without physical store visits. The control of implementation photos can be largely automated thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence which can be trained to automatically recognize products in the photo and evaluate compliance with the planogram.

“We chose Quant because of the complete solution for the entire process which includes support for assortment selection, store space planning, display planning and easy in-store implementation.”
Jana Pleskačová / Category Manager
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