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Learn how Quant customers are planning store space, distributing planograms, managing categories or shelf labels and generally improving their retail performance.

Our Customers


We were most excited at the very beginning when work operations involving assortment and store space planning became definitely more effective. In the course of the first three months Quant was filled with data and three MY FOOD stores were drawn. The stores were equipped with tablets and worked with planograms via a web interface directly on the store premises.

Dr.Max Czechia

Integration of store specific planograms was major turning point in 2015 and it led us to solving the “dead stock” which had been discussed over a long period. Another advantage is mistake elimination in range of products. Products are selected according to Pareto principle and business contracts in all sizes of planograms. Range of products is automatically prioritized nowadays.

Dr.Max Slovakia

Quant‘s greatest selling point is the functionality which creates planograms with such ease and speed to suit each individual pharmacy according to specified criteria such as sales and daily stock. Planograms can be created for one single pharmacy, a combination of pharmacies, or based upon the company average, depending on your choice.

Auto Kelly

In the spring of 2016, we first became acquainted with the Quant software. In addition to creating efficient floor plans and planograms, it also offered distribution and control over their implementation. A great benefit was the web application for internal communication with stores. The superstructure also featured the possibility of analysing Category Management, which we were preparing in the longer term horizon.

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