About Us Timeline

ExTech s.r.o.

ExTech s.r.o is a private company founded in the Czech Republic in 2001. 

We have been focused on developing our own software system called Quant since 2003. It is a professional solution for managing retail spaces and category management.

From the beginning, our goal has been to create an integrated system in which users are able to collaborate comfortably throughout the entire process of managing retail spaces, categories and ranges of products.

The first implementation of Quant into real operation was roughly after three years at GEHE’s Czech branch and shortly after in Sanacorp, Germany. In both cases, planograms for hundreds of pharmacies were created regularly thanks to our unique concept of creating planograms based on templates.

Quant users were able to utilize a built-in Floor Plan Editor, a Project Editor and a web application for quick distribution of the planograms.

Additional work on Quant has been underway since 2011, where we have been focusing on improving it so that it can be utilized outside of the traditional pharmacies it was used in at that time. This goal was achieved just one year later, and Quant planograms were created for mobile phone shops, bookstores and DIY.

In 2012, Quant included advanced support for creating planograms based on sales data, planogram life cycle analysis and managing the life cycle of planograms.

An important milestone was reached in 2013, when Dr.Max’s pharmacy network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia implemented Quant in their retail outlets. Using Quant, very advanced category management was implemented in around 800 branches. Dr. Max has been a great impulse for us in terms of innovation throughout the course of our cooperation. In 2015, together we successfully implemented the transition to automatically optimized planograms based on the sales of specific branches and a connection to automatic orders. Quant’s web application serves several thousand branches a week.

Since 2016, Quant has also been utilized in sales networks offering quality food such as Sklizeno, EBL and BioCompany. The application has also been used for planning of AutoKelly stores.

We further expanded the system to support administering and printing of shelf edge labels and successfully deployed it in Sklizeno retail outlets in 2017.