The correct layout of product categories and the selection of suitable fixtures in the sales area are the key to the optimal journey and customer satisfaction.

Macro space planning is the process of optimizing the sales area in order to increase the customer experience and sales. The result is the division of the sales area into individual sections, the layout of product categories within these sections and the selection of suitable fixture for the placement and presentation of products.

Quant includes a user-friendly floor plan editor with advanced features for efficient sales space management and category management. Thanks to Quant, it is possible to effectively manage large sales networks even if the individual stores are not unified and each of them is original in its own way.

“We currently use Quant for store space planning and planograms to maximize space efficiency in our stores. Thanks to Quant, this process is very easy because it offers a lot of analytical tools which will provide you with the necessary data in one place.”
Lukáš Jagnešák / Head of Space Management

Get acquainted with the benefits of Quant

Best value for money

Quant includes a professional floor plan editor with many unique features focused on optimizing and planning sales areas, including reconstructions, at very affordable prices. As part of our practical pricing plans, we can offer a solution tailored to your needs, whether you are a small retailer, a multinational chain or a supplier.

Support for different fixture types

Quant supports various fixture types starting with classic shelving systems, through atypical gondolas, freezers, hanging systems, display on tables or pallets. The floor plan editor includes advanced organization of fixtures to the library for an easy reuse.

Unlimited number of users

The Quant Premium pricing plan does not limit the number of users of the system and thus it encourages everyone within your organization to participate in the space & category management process. You will never have to face the dilemma of whether it pays off to use the possibilities of space planning software for the price of purchasing a license for other users.

Easy to use and deploy

An intuitive user interface, an extensive set of online manuals and tutorial videos, as well as direct user support guarantee that users will like Quant very quickly. The transition is handled well not only by new users or those who have previously drawn floor plans in Excel but also by users with many years of experience in creating floor plans in CAD tools. Quant has one of the best user satisfaction ratings within the Retail Management Software category at G2.

Integrated solution

Quant Desktop allows you to solve not only macro space in the form of floor plan management but also micro space within one integrated, multi-user application thanks to the integrated creation of planograms. However, this is just the beginning. From Quant Desktop, you can easily publish current floor plans of your stores or reconstruction plans to Quant Web. Here, your stores, teams of technicians and teams performing store check can access them without the need to install anything.
“We were most excited at the very beginning when work operations involving assortment and store space planning became definitely more effective. In the course of the first three months Quant was filled with data and three MY FOOD stores were drawn. The stores were equipped with tablets and worked with planograms via a web interface directly on the store premises.”
Martina Pokorná / Purchase Manager
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Unique features that will excite you

3D floor plan

3D Visualisation

Without additional effort, it is possible to generate a 3D visualization of the store from a 2D floor plan based on the dimensions of the fixtures and planograms. Thanks to these means, you can see everything from a customer perspective. Within the 3D preview, it is also possible to turn on heatmaps and other visualizations of sales indicators.

Analysis of space and sales shares

Thanks to the analysis of space and sales shares, you can easily identify how much space individual sections deserve according to sales. When space is allocated for a section, it is possible to evaluate shares of categories within a section or subcategories within categories. Furthermore, Quant can perform the entire process according to the selected criteria for all stores in the system and point out the greatest opportunities for improvement.

Reconstruction and seasonal change planning

In Quant, you can plan all variants within a single floor plan during the year. However, you can also create a completely new layout which will be valid after the reconstruction. It is possible to organize floor plan units into layers; therefore, each layer can have several versions with a precisely defined validity period.