Quant Cloud

Anywhere for everyone

Quant Cloud has all the advantages of cloud computing. Work from all over the world on the same projects as your colleagues and use the same database on different computers. No need to build complex infrastructure and overload your IT department.

Life Cycle Management (LCM)

Easy distribution of planograms and compliance control

Our system allows easy publishing and control of planograms and their implementation process. The store staff can confirm implementation via web login and they will be automatically notified in case of delay. We offer a real time overview of states of implementation, and thanks to our intelligent reports, you can analyse the impact the planogram has on your business and logistic results.

Integrated Floor Planning

Easy to use

Design floor plans for your facilities and shops with great ease using the integrated floor planning tool. You can design the space in whatever way you please, from simple shelving diagrams to detailed plans including walls, doors, windows, cash desks and photo documentation. Quant supports multiple floorplan versions per store reflecting seasonal specifics so you don’t have to make the same changes every year.

The space assigned to categories can be individually optimised for each store based on either market or store sales data. Thanks to the unique “Space to Sales” analysis you receive immediate feedback on each change in category space distribution.

Planogram Template

Increase work efficiency and productivity

When you create a planogram in Quant you create a universally useful template that can be applied to shelving units of different sizes without manual adjustments and additional effort. Changes in the Template are automatically applied to all corresponding shelves and Quant provides an immediate preview of the resulting planograms. Every store receives a customised planogram with exact shelf sizes, so that store staff never need to adjust a standard planogram to suit their particular store.

Product Library

Detailed overview

Quant‘s Product Library is very flexible and can be minutely altered to meet your needs. You will see and work only with attributes and information that is of interest to you. Daily automatic synchronization of data with your primary company database is carried out as a matter of course.

Shelf Edge Labels

Representative design, less printing costs and saved time.

The SEL Type Editor lets you create a great looking and also a very practical SELs. In addition to standard product information such as the name and price, additional information available from planograms can be added to the printout such as Equipment or Shelf identification, position in a Shelf and the width, depth and height of Package. SELs from Quant can also include graphic symbols and barcodes.

The store has a “SEL basket” at its disposal on the web interface to which it can either add SELs and print them, or use the unique auto-detect changes feature to download PDFs containing only product prices that have been changed and are in the planograms of the store at the same time.

Quant Analyses

Maximise the value of your data

Quant offers countless range of analyses:

  • Development of product, category, subcategory, brand and supplier sales within an arbitrary group of stores.
  • Report of most popular products of product groups.
  • Detailed comparison of space and sales shares.
  • Reports about equipment available in your stores.
  • Overview about planogram implementation states.
  • Compliance report comparing planogram data with the real time stock capacity of individual stores.

Success in category management depends highly on your ability to compute and analyse the results of your decisions, and on your business and marketing activities. Our system brings you a unique way to combine raw data like daily sales and stock reports from your stores with detailed planogramming data. This results in user-friendly and accessible statistics, helping you to recognise potential and to make the right decisions.

All the tables in Quant contain powerful filtering and sorting functions, and offer the possibility to create pivot tables and export to XLS or CSV format.

For selected users you can provide access to analyses alone.

Connection with Business Partners

Cooperate with suppliers and other business partners

Quant allows you to cooperate easily with your suppliers and other business partners thanks to web access – a further big advantage. Access can be offered, for example, as a service to your suppliers, and you can grant them access to your planograms and selected reports. You can even let them participate in the product management process, and allow them to update information concerning measurements, pictures or marketing activities. As well as product placement planning, Quant also supports marketing and promotion.


Plan multiple segments at once

When creating planograms in Quant you can easily switch between a zoom view which focuses on one selected segment, and a general view showing multiple logically-connected elements at one time. All statistics immediately reflect any changes made, helping you create better planograms.

“Store Specific” Planograms

Take specifics of individual stores into account

The most advanced category management is the one that takes specifics of individual stores into account and supports central business and marketing strategies at the same time. Benefit from the unique Quant feature that lets you generate store-specific planograms based on store-specific sales and your Planogram Template. In the Template you can set products as Fixed, Required or Optional. Fixed products appear in the planogram exactly as you set them. Required products appear as well, but their number is optimised based on your store‘s daily turnover figures and your replenishment criteria. Optional products are treated just like Required products, but if sales figures are too low they may not appear in the planogram at all. Quant is capable of making hundreds and thousands of calculations and providing a high quality that would be unattainable with a manual approach.

Delta Planograms

Automatic visualisation of planogram differences

Quant‘s advanced life cycle management allows you to automatically detect and visualise differences between old and new planograms. Your store staff will greatly appreciate this feature and the speed of planogram implementation will markedly increase.

Heat Maps / Labels

Unlimited possibilities in planogram visualisation

In addition to the standard visual planogram representation, Quant facilitates an analytical representation which displays product information relating to selected attributes and sales data. Heat maps reflecting the varying economic states of the products are a simple way to monitor product performance based on selected criteria.

3D Visualisation

Discover the Third dimension

As well as superior performance in 2D, Quant also introduces you to the new world of 3D visualisation. View your store through your customers‘ eyes. Simply switch to 3D mode and take a virtual stroll through your store. Planograms can also be displayed as a 3D image. If you want to distribute a 3D planogram as a PDF file, just include it in the PDF settings.

Web Login

Unique way of planogram distribution

Web Login is a standard part of our system that allows you to publish planograms and related information to your stores and business partners and receive important feedback about planogram implementation, marketing and other activities managed in Quant. In this way you can eliminate costs relating to planogram printing. You decide who has access via web login and what information is available to them. The standard functionality consists of an interactive floorplan, an overview of planogram implementation, an overview of the products, a communication platform between store and category managers, and highlights planograms pending implementation and the differences between old and new planograms. If you grant access to your suppliers, you can benefit from a unique functionality that allows for clear planogram visualisation displaying your suppliers‘ products, while products from other suppliers are anonymised. The web login can be altered to respect your corporate design.

Communication Platform

Stay in touch

Feedback from your stores and suppliers is usually a very valuable source of information. Well-managed communication with your partners is the key to a category management concept success. Quant makes communication easier thanks to a built-in communication interface. At your fingertips are the tools for mass messaging and the full communication history. Standard announcements and messages can be automatised. Do not waste the time searching for important information in your mailbox any longer.