Task Management

Tasks Settings

Task Types

Task Types is the area within which it is possible to report tasks. For each task type, you can set who has the authority to report the issue, who the default responsible person should be, or what context the tasks will cover.

Task Custom Fields

In Quant desktop it is possible to define task custom fields. Each task type can have its own custom fields, which are then displayed when creating a task on web or desktop.

Task Contexts

The advantage of the integrated Task Management in Quant is the ability to relate a specific task to a specific context. The person reporting the task can report it to a specific planogram, product, floor plan or fixture, for example, and the assignees can immediately see what the task specifically relates to.

Task Priorities

Task prioritization is used to determine the level of importance of a particular task. Prioritization helps the user to navigate tasks more easily and understand the importance of each task at any given time.

Task Notification

Task Notification informs you of a new task and update in Task Management.