Today's retail industry is characterised by the highest level of customer and retailer awareness ever. It has never been easier for customers to compare a product with competing offers and never has such a wide variety of choice been within easy reach. Retailers, in turn, have never before had such detailed information about their customers, their habits and preferences as they do today.

The trend of increasing data will continue, as will the importance of its efficient use.

Category Management is the art of setting up retail processes to make the most of available data and minimize the time and other costs associated with activities that are performed based on feelings or out of habit.

Main benefits of Category Management

Category division


Category division into target, routine, seasonal and complementary allows the correct design of their distribution on the sales floor which is a key tool for managing the customer journey. A well-designed customer journey is the key to customer satisfaction and sales success.

Decision trees


The definition of decision trees for each category is an expression of our understanding of our customers' behaviour and needs. Together with logistics and business data, decision trees are of key importance in selecting the right products and positioning them within the sales floor.



Day-to-day Category Management is a set of clearly defined processes that lead to a constant response to new incoming data and business decisions.

“The most important results are among others a better overview of assortment, better planning of assortment in advance and easier placing of goods in stores, which is perceived as real relief! This also contributes to better orientation of customers in our stores.”
Michael Ebert / Category Manager
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Quant allows you to master Category Management

Automatic data synchronisation

Manual data management is time consuming. Quant saves you time by automatically synchronizing data with other systems in your organization, allowing you to focus on what's important–data analysis.

Advanced task management

Quant Category Management includes a task management system that allows mobile access to your tasks wherever you are. On your tablet or smartphone, you always have a list of your current tasks linked to specific store locations, categories or even products. Creating or reviewing a task on the spot, attaching photos and comments from your mobile device has never been easier.

Recognition of product photos

Thanks to our advanced technology for recognizing products using artificial intelligence, you can quickly detect potential problems. Quant will automatically evaluate the degree of compliance with the planogram and you will quickly find both the best and worst implementations. The best thing is that thanks to the immediate feedback for the store staff, the correction will often take place completely without the need for your intervention.

Automation of planograms

Thanks to the unique concept of planogram templates and automatic replacements, it is quite natural in Quant to automatically create planograms optimized according to sales, space and business criteria. Each store thus receives planograms tailored to its layout with the number of articles corresponding to sales and logistics requirements.

Easy to use and deploy

An intuitive user interface, an extensive set of online manuals, tutorial videos as well as direct user support are a guarantee that users will love Quant very quickly. Quant has long been one of the best user-rated solutions in the Retail Management and Space Planning Software categories at G2.

Advanced reporting

Measuring and analysing the results of your decisions, as well as sales and marketing activities, are essential factors for successful category management. Quant allows you to uniquely combine raw data such as daily sales statistics in individual stores and current stock levels with detailed planogram data. The result is user-friendly and quickly accessible report which helps you make the right decisions.

Planogram sharing and compliance

Quant handles the entire lifecycle of your planograms, including bulk publishing of thousands of optimized planograms to stores, notifying responsible parties of changes in display, confirming planogram implementation including a photo and its subsequent automatic evaluation.

We get along with Excel

All tables in Quant have built-in advanced filtering functions, they allow you to create a contingency table or a chart. In addition, if you want to transfer data to Excel or CSV format, you will finish your work in a few seconds. Most data can be easily imported directly from Excel into Quant or pasted via the clipboard.

Integrated solution at a reasonable price

The use of many separate tools leads to inaccuracies and delays and it is very inefficient. Quant offers a complete set of Category Management tools within one integrated application. Whether you decide to analyze data, modify store floor plans, optimize a planogram or communicate with stores, you won't have to switch between different systems.

Unlimited number of users

The Quant Premium pricing plan does not limit the number of users of the system and thus it encourages everyone within your organization to participate in the Category Management process. You will never have to face the dilemma of whether it pays off to use the possibilities of space planning software for the price of purchasing a license for other users.
“We manage our product portfolio on daily basis, either directly on display or at the database level. Quant provides us with an overview of currently displayed products and categories in specific stores, which helps either HQ (sales dep., operation dep., ... ) or even suppliers. Suppliers can check their assortment at real time which brings them opportunity to check product display in a specific store.”
Tomáš Pálenkár / Sales Manager
Dr. Max Slovensko
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Category growth through collaboration


Quant not only facilitates the cooperation of individual departments of retailers, but it also makes it easy to involve suppliers in the entire process. The more participants involved in Category Management, the more useful data is available for deeper analysis and advanced automation.


Quant allows you to target your assortment, optimize floor plans and create store specific planograms and floorplans. Suppliers can view planograms and selected reports via Quant Web or create planogram designs directly in Quant based on the data you choose to make available to them.


Quant also includes a unique integrated solution for the entire product listing process, so you can always be sure that your suppliers will provide all data you need in the quality you need and that your follow-up processes will be able to respond flexibly to the negotiated business terms.

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