Product Data Import

The Product Data import allows product data to be imported manually to Quant, for example from an Excel file. Via this import you can either update the properties of the products that have already been created in Quant or create new products.

You can find the import in the menu: Imports → Product data.

This import allows you to import product properties such as product ID, name, supplier, categorization information, product dimensions, and more. The properties you can import are highlighted in the image below.

1. Preparing the file for import

You can prepare the data that should be imported in Excel file that you can directly import to Quant.

The file must contain a unique product ID. Each row represents one product and each column represents one property.

Excel file with product data

2. Import procedure

The basic import procedure is described in the figure below:

Import procedure

If you are importing new products, you need to check Create New Products and Set New Products for Planogramming.

3. Criteria specific to this import

If we check the Ignore deleted products box in the criteria, Quant will not automatically upload products that have already been deleted in the Quant database.