Import Procedure

Various data can be imported in Quant in a few simple steps. For example, you can bulk import product information, store lists, store floor plans or product images.

Process of import in Quant

1. Imports menu

In Quant, in the top menu Imports, select the desired import type. In our case, it is the import of Product Data.

2. Select a file

You can prepare the file with the data as an Excel file. The file can be imported either in XLSX format or CSV.

In the new window, click on the Select File button and select the file.
Select file
3. Setting criteria

Set the import criteria in the property bar on the left.

Import criteria
4. Identification of columns

You must identify all properties in Quant and assign a corresponding property in Quant to each column. In the Source Preview, click on the column header and set which property the column represents.

Assign column names

Save the criteria to the Library so that you can use them again the next time you import. Quant remembers both the criteria set in the Import Settings and the order of the columns you selected in the Source Preview.

Save criteria to the library 
5. Check before import

At the bottom you will find the Import Preview table, where you can check the expected import result. In addition, only cells whose value was changed are always highlighted in blue.

At the bottom you can see Statistics related to imports.

Import preview and statistics
6. Data import

Click on the Import button to import the relevant data into Quant.