Creating Custom Product Properties

We have many pre-defined product properties in Quant that may not be sufficient for your needs. If you don't find all required properties in the Products section, you can easily create your own properties.

You can create custom product properties in two ways:

1. Via the Options / Custom Properties / Products menu

Custom Product Properties

2. In the Products section / Custom Properties button

Custom Product Properties 2

 How to create a new custom property?

  1. Select Options / Custom Product Properties menu, or click on the Custom Properties button in the Products section.
  2. In the new window, click on the New button.
  3. Fill in the Name of the property.
  4. Select a Group to which the custom property should belong. The Group influences the division of product properties into individual logical units. If you do not specify a group, the new custom property will automatically belong to the Custom Properties group.
  5. Select the property Type. Here it depends on what form the custom property should take - whether it is a number, one-line text, multi-line text, percentage, yes / no and so on.
Add Custom Property

After creating a property, the property appears in a table with an overview of custom properties. At the same time, you will see this property in the Products section and you can fill in values for specific products for it.

Created Custom Property

 In the table with custom properties, you can delete, edit or move the selected custom property up or down.

Buttons in the window with Custom Properties