Planogram Detail

If you want to view the planogram for a specific fixture, just click on this fixture in the floor plan and then select the Show Detail button. You will be redirected to the detail of the planogram where you can see a specific planogram and confirm its implementation here.

Planogram preview

 There are two possible ways you can view the detail of the planogram:

  1. In the Floor plan section, left-click on the fixture whose planogram you want to view, and click on Show Details.
  2. Go to the Planograms section in the left menu and select the life cycle state in which the planogram is located (Ready / Waiting / Implemented). Then, in the table with an overview of all planograms, select the planogram you are interested in and click on the Detail link in the Go To column.
Planogram preview

The planogram detail consists of three tabs:

Detail tab

The Detail tab is divided into 3 important parts:

  • Planogram information - important information concerning the given planogram is displayed here, such as when the planogram is to be implemented, in what state of the life cycle it is or in which category it is, etc.
  • Planogram preview - here you can see a picture of the planogram.
  • Toolbar - the toolbar contains all important buttons related to the planogram.
Detail structure 

Planogram information

The information displayed in this section can be customized to your needs. It is important to follow the information related to the implementation of the planogram, if it is a waiting planogram.

Information about implemented planogram

Planogram preview

The planogram preview differs significantly depending on the status of the planogram displayed:

Ready and waiting planogram

If you have a ready or waiting planogram displayed, always look at the comparison of the current planogram with the last implemented planogram. On the left, there is a new planogram which the store should implement and display according to its products in the stores. An old planogram is on the right and it should represent the current display of products in stores.

Deta planogram

 The store staff can also monitor the graphical comparison of both planograms:

  • Green plus = new products =  products that have been newly added to the planogram.
  • Red cross = removed products = products which must be removed from display (they appeared in the old planogram but are not in the new one). In addition, removed products are shown as crossed out below the planogram.
  • Blue arrow = changed products = products which were changed. It can be, for example, a change in the number of placed pieces or a shift within the shelf, etc.
Delta planogram

 Implemented planogram

If the planogram is already confirmed (implemented), then it is no longer necessary to compare it with the previous state. Therefore, only one planogram is displayed. If the stores upload a photo of the implementation when confirming the planogram, the uploaded photo will be displayed next to the planogram. This allows you to compare the actual situation in the store with the situation on the planogram.

Implemented planogram

There are many useful tools and features in the toolbar that we recommend using:

  • Arrows to switch between planograms - allows you to go to the previous or next planogram.
  • Switching between planogram states - the bar will always show the status of the planogram you are currently displayed - in the picture below it is a waiting planogram because we see a red W. It is possible to click on this W and find out which other states are available for this fixture. We can thus switch to the planogram in the implemented state etc.
  • Floor plan redirection button - redirects you to the store floor plan and the orange highlight of the fixture in the floor plan whose planogram is currently displayed.
  • Button for redirection to section - if the fixture is part of a larger unit (so-called section), then by clicking on this button you will be redirected to a preview of the entire section.
  • Confirm - this button is essential for store staff. As soon as the store staff changes the display of goods according to the waiting planogram, they click on the Confirm button and the planogram changes its status from waiting to implemented. This fixture will no longer be highlighted in red in the floor plan. This button is available for waiting planograms.
  •  Add Photo - allows you to upload a photo to a given planogram. The photo is then displayed in the Photos tab.
  • PDF download buttons - located on the right. There is always a button to download the PDF planogram (Waiting Planogram, Prepared Planogram, Implemented Planogram). If you use SELs from Quant, then a button will appear here to download SELs for all products of the given planogram.

Products tab

In the Products tab you can see the planogram in a form of a table. The table shows the products that appear in the planogram, in order from the first top shelf and from left to right. You can see important attributes in the table. The table shows, for example, the primary ID, the name of the product, how many pieces are placed in width, height or depth, and more.

For products, pictograms are displayed in the Info column, so that you can easily tell that the product has been newly added to the planogram or that there has been a change. If you have a waiting planogram displayed, the deleted products will always be displayed at the bottom of the table, ie products that appeared in the previously implemented planogram but no longer appear in the new planogram.

  •  -added product
  •  -changed product
  •  -removed product

Photos tab

In the Photos tab, you can view all photos that have been uploaded to a given planogram or fixture. These can be implementation photos, but also other photos that have been uploaded by clicking on the Add Photo button.