Implementation photos for planograms

For planograms, stores can upload photos of the actual exposure in the store so that you can compare the planogram with the actual exposure. It is up to you whether you leave this as an option or whether you will require it from the store when confirming the planogram. Implementation photos greatly increase the motivation of stores to implement planograms correctly.

How to make the store to upload a photo of the implementation as mandatory?

You can find this setting in Quant when publishing a planogram. If you are publishing a planogram in a waiting state, you can select the Implementation Photo Required check box which ensures that the Quant's website does not allow the store to confirm the planogram without uploading the photo.

Implementation Photo Required

Subsequently, when confirming the implementation on the web interface, the store will be obliged to upload a photo of the implementation. Ideally, the store can confirm planograms on a tablet or smartphone, and during the confirmation it has the opportunity to create a photo and upload it at the same time.

Uploading implementation photo

After confirming the planogram, the photo is displayed to the right of the planogram. This makes it easy to compare the status at the store with the status at the planogram. In addition, affiliates are much more motivated to hold exposures according to the planograms you create.

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If the store office wants to upload a new implementation photo, just click on the Upload implementation photo button. The last uploaded photo is always displayed next to the planogram.

Implementation photo

 You can view all uploaded photos for the given fixture in the Photos tab.

Photos for the fixture

Another place where you can watch uploaded photos is in the menu in the Photos section. The menu is divided into:

  • New photos - shows photos that have been uploaded recently. If you are logged in as a category administrator who manages all stores, then these are photos from all stores.
  • Store photos - only photos uploaded by the displayed store are displayed here.

Quant web allows you to easily switch to the planogram or fixture in the floor plan to which the photo relates.

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