06. 03. 2023

Layout Tools in Free Style Planograms

In this video from the new Tips & Tricks series you can see some of the smart tools which offers the Free Style Planogram mode, which is an alternative to templates in Quant. The product layout options are completely unlimited.

The Free Style Planogram mode allows to create a planogram without a template. Products are simply placed directly into the planogram. It can be used in cases where it is difficult to design a planogram based on a template (e.g. complex hanging systems).

To place a product into the planogram, simply select it in the table and activate the product insertion tool (P). Then click on the place in the planogram where the product should be inserted.

You can edit the properties of the placed product, such as the number of pieces in width, height or depth or the rotation of the product in the Component tab.

It is also possible to combine a template planogram with a Free Style planogram.