07. 12. 2021

Introducing Quant Task Management

In the second half of 2021, we expanded Quant with a completely unique Retail Task Management system. 

By working closely with our clients, we see their need to continuously improve and streamline communication across departments. 

Speed, accuracy and addressability play a big role in task assignment and problem solving. Thanks to our new task management system, it is now possible to replace less efficient ways of communication such as emailing and directly create a task with a clear content, deadline and primary assignee.

quant task management

The uniqueness of Quant Task Management lies primarily in its embedding in a retail context.

For example, if store staff needs to report broken fixture, they simply find it on the floor plan of the store, create a task and describe the problem. They don't need to list what store it's from and what fixture is involved, Quant will automatically fill in these details in the task. 

Depending on the type of problem, the primary assignee is also automatically set.

The control panel has the ability to link tasks if they are related or, conversely, to split a complex task into sub-tasks. 

Attached photos can be annotated within the task and all users involved in the task can add comments and follow the complete progress of the solution anytime.

 "After 3 months of Quant Task Management, more than 95% of requests are redirected to tasks. Overall, communication is clearer and the response time of stores is faster. A big advantage is the substitutability in the absence of the primary problem solver while the stores always know who they are solving the problem with and have 100% response from the merchandising team."

Linda Michaličková, merchandizing specialist LKQ