20. 12. 2021

We welcome new partners 07–12/2021

During this year, many retailers have been looking for more efficient corporate processes and better communication between headquarters and stores. There is an emphasis on a comprehensive solution that connects different departments and allows access to multiple users.

Quant covers several software modules: design of individual fixture and the entire store based on its floor plan, planogramming and its sharing with stores, shelf labels editor, extensive range of analyses, automatic ordering  and a sophisticated replacement and replenishment system. The Task Management module is also highly sought after, its uniqueness lies in placing tasks in a retail context.

During the second half of 2021, more than 15 new customers from around the world discovered these features. These include pharmacies, large food supermarkets, boutique stores and smaller store networks. For each of them, Quant can offer an optimal solution based on their specific requirements. 

We welcome new members to the Quant family and look forward to a long-term cooperation!