Longdan Case Study

One of the largest Vietnamese food importers in the UK

• Customer since 2021
• 10,000+ SKUs
• 12 stores in the UK ranging in size from 200–1400 m2

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Le Hoang Bao Nghi | Marketing Department

What was your main motivation to look for a space & category management system?

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Our main motivation in looking for a space & category management system was due to our massive range of oriental products (10,000+ SKUs). It is important to our business and customer satisfaction to define, arrange and control the display in each store. Another reason is our growth over the last few years and into the future. With a plan to have 20+ stores in the UK by 2026, it's imperative that we standardize our display and provide a platform for our staff to know the location of the product without the guidance of the store manager.

Why have you decided for Quant?

We had demo with many planogram platform & software supplier. Quant was and still is the most advanced software on the market. With many features and API integration already built in for quick and easy set up. Quant customer service team also impressed us with their dedication and care in guidance and support.

When did you start using Quant?

We started using Quant for our first large store in Milton Keynes in 2021.

Do you remember what your expectations were at that point in time?

Our expectations at the time were to speed up our store opening times and also to control product placement. Another benefit we had in mind for the planogram at that time was location selection for online sales, which we have implemented in recent years and are still using today.

What were the biggest obstacles? How did you overcome them?

The biggest obstacle for us was data collection. Due to the nature of remote working and COVID-19 at the time, most of us could not get an accurate measurement of every single product available in our plan. We soon overcame this with rough estimates, information sent by suppliers, and on-site auditors.

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How was the implementation of the system and what were the first benefits?

The implementation of the system was far from perfect in the beginning. Most of the problems arose from changing the staff process and improving the speed at which the planogram could be made available to the staff in the store at the moment a product was scanned. This was later solved by using the Quant API and integration with our own company system, which accelerated and streamlined the location display. Our company's most recent achievement was to complete the opening of a ~1400 square meter store in just 41 days.

Have you been able to integrate Quant with other systems like ERP and automate the data flow?

Yes, we have. As I mentioned above, Quant data is currently integrated with our own company system. This allows us to provide the location of the product in the store as soon as the product is scanned or received. As a result, Quant is significantly reducing the amount of time we spend on product placement in the store.

How would you rate the quality of the support?

11/10, your company provides the best support ever. I always get the answer I need. I've been guided in detail on things that even our team hasn't thought of yet.

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What are the main results of the project so far and what are your future plans and goals in the area of space planning and category management?

There are two main results we have achieved using Quant software. First, we have completed the mapping of both old and new stores that belong to Longdan Ltd. Second, we have started to use the data from our own database together with Quant Planogram to create a visual presentation for customers and suppliers who visit our company and need a good location to display their products. Due to our position as the largest oriental supermarket in Europe, we benefit greatly from this and it's our pride to be able to show our partners a high-tech & professional presentation of our store.

Would you recommend Quant to other retailers?

Absolutely. Apart from the initial cost, I don't think there are any other issues with Quant worth mentioning.

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