16. 06. 2022

Quant is among top 10 companies revolutionizing retail

industry tech insightsIndustry Tech Insights selected Quant as one of top 10 companies revolutiuonizing retail solutions in this year's retail-themed edition. With Quant, it is easier to plan and optimize retail space to ensure that customers find their way around the store and like to come back. At the same time, Quant helps to improve business results.

As Petr Kavánek, CEO of Quant Retail, states in an interview with Industry Tech Insights, Quant allows users to create a detailed digital image of individual stores. It then automatically identifies similar space elements for which users specify their visual merchandising plan by creating a planogram template. Quant then generates dozens or hundreds of optimized store-specific planograms from a single template using available sales, space and priority data. Customers thus find the products they are interested in at the right place and in the right quantity in the store.

Quant focuses mainly on process optimization. Therefore, it is not a software in which you can, for example, only create a planogram. We know that this is just the beginning, that is why we also deal with the sharing of planograms with stores, control of implementation deadlines including photo documentation and subsequent evaluation of the success of implemented changes. Integrated task management allows you to create tasks and subtasks, assign responsible persons and priorities. Thanks to planograms, Quant can identify which type of shelf label to use for a given product. Automatic ordering recognizes the shelf capacity allocated to each product and there are many more such examples. Quant is thus unique in the combination of retail solutions it integrates within one platform.

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