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06. 03. 2019

Modern technologies can suggest the best place for advertising materials

Advertising materials in stores are not yet limited to be placed in a window display or near a cash desk. Locations, where you can place them, are precisely mapped by modern technologies.

One of the solutions we have personally tried at EuroCIS. This system accurately records every customer movement and creates so-called customer flow maps. Based on this, it is possible to evaluate where customers stay the longest.
The tool is very effective for planning the position of marketing materials within the store.

Quant offers a solution, how to send these precisely processed data, based on which a POS allocation map was created, to store quickly, clearly and understandably for the staff. Information about marketing materials is saved on the web application together with planograms and in the floorplan, there is a link showing where the POS has to be placed. And how do our customers evaluate the implementation of this tool?
"The connection of pharmacies was easy, as we only expanded the web interface of Quant, which has been used for many years, to publish marketing planograms."