29. 01. 2020

E3. From Space Plan to Total Retail Management

We would like to invite you to the program block E3. at the Retail Summit 2020,  where representatives of successful retailers will present practical demonstrations how Quant helps them to manage the space arrangement of stores and other related processes.


Wednesday 5th, February 2020


Clarion Congress Hotel Prague 
Freyova 945/33
190 00 Prague – Vysočany

What can you look forward to?


  • Jaroslav Bucko, Key Account Manager, FixDistribution
  • Vasil Fečko, Commercial Director, Sklizeno
  • Ilona Koloničná, Retail Country Manager, AutoKelly
  • Luboš Korbelář, Chief Commercial Officer, Dr.Max Group
  • Daniel Nedoma, Commercial Manager, Iceland

Moderated by Petr Kavánek, CEO of ExTech.

Summary of the session: 

In the reality of retail operations Category Management has often been reduced to planograms. However, new technologies and a systematic approach to their implementation are finally changing the situation. Many retail companies already practice an integrated day-to-day retail management and use data and technology to optimize activities and reduce costs.

The prove will be given by Petr Kavánek of ExTech, who has been involved in the development of tools to support retail management under the Quant brand. ExTech started developing an integrated system for Space Planning (floorplans and planograms) already 15 years ago. Overtime, this system was enriched by other activities such as photo documentation of stores, communications (blog, chat, polls), shelf labels management, automatic orders, reporting and task management. An important advantage of these solutions is the connection to other retailer's systems.

In the heart of this professional program block there will be practical demonstrations of the implementation of integrated retail management tools in to the life of different types of retail companies. 

Daniel Nedoma of Iceland will present the first demonstration, introducing approaches used in the parent company in the UK and in the emerging chain of the Czech outlets. In particular, he will focus on the first steps and obstacles in the effort to implement space planning and category management. 

In the second presentation, Vasil Fečko of Sklizeno will show a gradual implementation of smart tools. Similarly, as a number of other retailers, Sklizeno began with managing floorplans and creating planograms, and later has enriched the system with the management and print of price tags. At this stage of expansion, Sklizeno is already using solutions to overall space optimization based on sales data and data for automatic orders.

A special example will be the case of FixDistribution, which does not own stores but manages assortment planograms for its retail partners. As Jaroslav Bucko explains, the company also offers automatic ordering as a part of its support. Undoubtedly, the information about how this distribution company works with data and what analyses are used to support its business will also be interesting. 

Ilona Koloničná from Auto Kelly will then present an almost textbook example of a company that has gradually proceeded from planograms in Excel to an integrated retail management support. Auto Kelly thus prints price tags with many design variants and, in particular, fully applies the planograms optimization based on data and not on "feelings". As a part of the comprehensive category management, Auto Kelly massively uses the communication tools, such as a blog, opinion polls or a chat. 

The program will be concluded by Luboš Korbelář, bringingthe perspective of a person who has been monitoring the Quant system in Dr.Max pharmacies since 2013 and has experienced its gradual development from the creation of planograms to an integrated solution, which Dr. Max currently uses already in 5 countries.