02. 01. 2019

We are introducing the new Quant Retail logo and brand

Quant will be celebrating its 15th birthday this year. From a tool for the preparation of planograms and drawing store floor-plans it has grown to be a comprehensive system offering smart solutions to many retail challenges. The change in the logo that we are introducing today was not an easy decision at all but it should help us emphasize the long way that we have come.

We used the original “atom-shaped” logo with only minor modifications from the very beginning and built up the Quant Space & Category Management brand as a product of ExTech s.r.o. with it primarily on our website www.extech.eu.

With the new Quant Retail brand emphasizing the wide scope of our solutions our web presentation is being transferred to the following domains QuantRetail.com, QuantRetail.cz, QuantRetail.de, and QuantRetail.pl, where information in your preferred language is available.

You can also follow us on the recently launched product websites on LinkedIn.

Where did the new logo come from and how is it related to the original “atom-shaped” version?