23. 01. 2023

Rosa Market has selected Quant for Demand Planning

The company ROSA market, which manages a network of ENAPO and Pramen stores in the Czech Republic, has chosen Quant for Automatic Replenishment and complex Demand Planning.

The company uses a traditional decentralised order creation process that requires a lot of time, diligence, good analytical skills and experience from the store staff.

Quant offers solutions in the form of automatic or semi-automatic replenishment that are generated based on pre-set rules, current inventory data and advanced demand forecasting based on millions of calculations and machine learning. Demand forecasting reduces the risk of outages, overstocks and expirations.

Orders can operate in a semi-automated mode, where Quant generates a draft order every day, which can be manually checked and, if necessary, adjusted by the store staff. Of course, orders for individual suppliers can also be generated and the order can be exported to Excel. Direct orders from suppliers are therefore not a barrier, on the contrary Quant saves the staff a lot of time.

Automatic Orders in Quant