19. 09. 2022

Why should space planning be a key activity even in non-unified store chains?

"That wouldn't work for us, each store is so different. First we have to unify the product range and rebuild the stores. Only then we can start with planograms and space planning." - This is a sentence heard quite often by Petr Kavánek, CEO of Quant Retail. 

In his presentation at the Retail in Detail – Digitech conference, he explains why it is exactly the opposite. 

The introduction of space planning is a good way to sufficiently unify the assortment, effectively plan rebuildings, improve the customer experience and, ultimately, overall sales.

The conference will take place on 4 October 2022 at the O2 Universum in Prague. The topic is technologies for more efficient brick-and-mortar and online shops and their use not only in relation to customer service in stores and e-shops, but also in the operational background of the store, in logistics or in warehouses.