25 wrz 2023
Pobierz Case Study

Lagardère Travel Retail Case Study

Tourism-focused sales concept network

• 350+ stores in the Czech Republic ranging in size from 20–250 m2
• 5 000+ stores worldwide
• Thousands of products in the database

Jindřich Černý  |  Commercial Director

What motivated you to look for a new space planning system?

Due to the nature of our stores, we were looking for a flexible yet reliable system that would meet the expectations of both Category Management and Operations.

Why did you choose Quant?

We decided to pilot Quant after a hands-on demonstration that proved it to be an intuitive and easy-to-implement system.

“During the implementation of Quant, we were pleasantly surprised by the intuitiveness and ease of creating store layouts and planograms. In the future, we will also appreciate the extended functionality offered by the system.”

Jindřich Černý  |  Commercial Director, Lagardere Travel Retail Czech Republic

When did you start using Quant?

We started using Quant fully last year, in 2022.

What were your expectations at the time?

We were mainly looking for more efficient use of space in the stores, increased product sales and more flexible planogram changes that reflect our customers' buying behavior. The next step was data sharing and integration with other internal systems.

What were the biggest obstacles and how did you overcome them?

The most challenging and time-consuming task is mapping our stores, which vary in size, layout and assortment. The initial creation of category variants and as standardized planograms as possible became the key to further efficient planning. 

It was also important to convince the stores and internal staff that centrally managed planograms would be to everyone's benefit.

How did you implement the system and what were the initial benefits?

We selected pilot stores to refine our expectations of how the planogram process would work. We created a manual for the stores and involved the operations department in the entire process, which became a key partner in the Quant integration. Finally, we created in Quant a centralized database with all the information including products, store layouts and fixtures.

Have you been able to integrate Quant with other systems such as ERP and automate data transfers? 

We are planning the integration with our systems in the next step. We are now in the preparation phase.

How would you rate the quality of support from Quant Retail?

The support is helpful and responds quickly to all requests. There are manuals for each of Quant's functionalities, and we are also kept informed about new features, that are added on a regular basis.

What are the main results of the project and what are your plans for the future?

We can now review and approve planograms retrospectively, including fixed deadlines for their implementation, which was not possible before. We ensure that margin products and pre-defined products with suppliers are exposed. Visualization of planograms is used to negotiate shelf positions with suppliers. Greater store involvement builds mutual trust and provides valuable feedback to head office.  

After implementing Quant in all stores, we will start to evaluate planograms with other advanced features, introduce task management and in the future we would like to work with the marketing module as well.

Would you recommend Quant?

We would definitely recommend Quant to companies that recognize the importance of Category Management as a key tool for assortment management and optimization.