Standard Category Development

The Standard category development monitors a development in the number of sold pieces or profit of a given category in individual months. 

The upper part shows a graphic representation of the development. In the lower part you can see specific values for individual months, for example how many pieces of the Jackets and Coats category were sold in October. 

Standard Category Development
Setting of criteria


Upon clicking in this line, a new window will appear where you can select the categories that you want to analyse.

Cumulate Clusters
  • Checkbox is marked: sales will be summarized for all stores. The result will be the sum of sold pieces or profit (depending on the selected value in the Value Type criterion) of a given category in all selected stores (in the case that each cluster corresponds to the sales of one store).
Cumulate Clusters 
  • Checkbox is not marked: sales will not be summarized for individual stores and the result for each store separately will be displayed.
Checkbox is not marked
Daily / Start Date / End Date / Comparison Start Date

If you mark the Daily checkbox in Criteria and set the Start Date and End Date, you can also follow a daily development in sold pieces for a given category.

Daily Development 

You can relate sales from the monitored period to another period and monitor the comparison of sales data in two different periods. For example, if we observe the development of sales in the period 10.8.2017-18.8.2017 and we also want to see what sales were in the same period of the previous month, then just set that the Comparison Start Date is 10.7.2017.

Comparison Start Date

Cumulate Items

  • Checkbox is marked: in the case that more than one category has been selected in the Categories criterion, sales of all categories will be summarized and one curve will be displayed for them.
Cumulate Items 
  • Checkbox is not marked: for each category selected in the Category criterion a separate curve will be displayed. Sales of the selected categories will not be summarized.
Not Marked  Box