Year-to-Year Category Development

The Year-to-Year category development compares the sales in selected categories in individual years. 

In Criteria, in the Years line it is necessary to select the years for which the values should be compared.

The upper section is reserved for graphs. More than one graph is displayed here if you select more than one Value Type in Criteria – if you select the Value Types Sold Pieces as well as GP1 then you will see the graphs for both these indicators side by side.

Year to Year Category Development 

The lower section provides a table with sales data. Each month has its line, which means that you can monitor for example sold pieces in August in 2016 and sold pieces in August in 2017. In addition, these two values are always compared in the Sold Pieces 2016 vs 2017, where it can be seen whether the sold pieces increased or decreased and by how much. In the case of decrease, the value is highlighted in orange, whereas in the case of increase, the value is highlighted in green

YTD (Year to Date)

in this line, a total increase/decrease in sales between two compared years is displayed. This comparison does not include the months whose sales are zero in at least one of the compared years, or the months in which sales are not complete for the whole month.


this line includes the value of a total increase/decrease in sales between the two years being compared. If, for example, in one month sales are zero because they have not been sent to Quant yet, these months will also be included in the result.