Action Impact

The Action Impact analysis compares product sales during the action period with sales in periods, when there was no action. Based on this comparison, Quant determines the impact of the action on sold pieces. You can then use the calculated action impact to evaluate historical actions or to plan demand for future actions.

Settings of Criteria

The first thing you need to do is to set the analysis criteria that will be used to display the results.

Types of actions 

In this row, select one or more action types that you want to evaluate.

Time interval 

In this row, select the period for which you want to assess the impact of the action.

Settings of Criteria

Interpretation of the analysis

The results of the analysis are divided into three tables:

1. Top table

In the top table we have the effect of actions by action type. If we select an action type, the middle table shows the breakdown of the selected action type by stores.

2. Middle table

The middle table shows a list of the impact of actions by stores for the type of action marked in the top table.  If you select a store, you can view the impact of the action for that store by products in the bottom table.

3. Bottom table

The bottom table shows a list of the impact of actions by products for the specific store identified in the middle table. If you select a specific product, a chart will be displayed the sold pieces on the timeline for the monitored period. Period when the product was on promotion will be highlighted in red .

Analysis results

Difference says how much sales increase during the promotion period compared to sales when the product was not on promotion.

Impact says how many times sales are higher in the promotional period compared to the normal non-promotional period.

If we have, for example, tomatoes, which are sold 100 kg every day when they are not in action, and 150 kg during the period when they are in action. The average daily sales during the action period will be 150 kg and the average daily sales during the non-action period will be 100 kg. So, the difference will be (150-100)/100*100 = 50% and the impact 150/100*100 = 150%.

Example of actions impact