Quant Installation Process

Each new user gets an empty Quant database. Once the data is ready to be imported into the database, it is possible to install Quant and begin importing the data and creating the first planograms.

Quant cosists of 2 modules:

  1. Quant Desktop - access for headquarters, installation required
  2. Quant Web - access for stores, log in with their own ID and password, no installation required

Quant Desktop

Quant Desktop application must be installed by downloading it from a web browser to your computer. 

Vytváření fashion planogramuQuant Desktop


  1. The user will receive an email that contains: a link to download the software, login details, password settings.
  2. Password setting: before downloading, the user has to to set a password.
    Email with downloading details 
  3. Software download: click on the link to start the download, just follow the installation wizard.
  4. Starting Quant: Log in to Quant using the received login data and the set password.
Link for Quant download 
It is possible to create an access for other users directly in Quant. For more detailed information, see the manual Creating a user. If you have trouble logging in, make sure that communication between your network and the Quant server is enabled. You can also contact our customer support for detailed information.

Quant Web - login via web browser

Quant Web is used to publish planograms to stores, to communicate with stores or to manage products by the product suppliers themselves. It supports responsive design, so it is quite easy to work on the web via mobile phones or tablets.

Foto dokumentace implementace planogramuQuant Web 

You can find the link by clicking on the Quant Web icon in the Dashboard section directly in Quant.

Therefore, no installation is required for the stores. The store only needs:

  • technological equipment (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC)
  • internet connection
  • web browser


  1. Creating access for a store: access for stores is created in Quant in the Users → Store Manager section.
  2. The store will receive an email with login details, a link to set a password and a link to access the Quant Desktop.
  3. Setting a password: each store must first set a new password.
  4. Quant Web link: clicking on the link opens a web browser and after entering the login details and password, the user can view their planograms and use other Quant Web features.
    Email with stores login details