Quant Onboarding

In this manual, you will find Quant implementation process starting from data preparation through pilot deployment to normal operation.

1. Preparation of Data and Quant Installation

Preparation of Data

The first essential step for a successful Quant deployment is data preparation. 

Two approaches are possible at the beginning:

A. 3 - 5 Days - Preparation of a limited amount of data for training purposes only

  • Product data including dimensions for at least 2 selected pilot categories
  • Technical plans of at least 2 shops in PDF or JPEG format
  • Information on the dimensions of shelving fixtures at least for selected pilot categories
  • (Optional) Product photos
  • (Optional) Sales data
  • (Optional) Inventory data
Product Data table 

 B. 1 - 2 Weeks - Automatic data transfer settings

  • In case your IT department has the capacity to set up automatic data transfers between your ERP system / DWH and Quant at the beginning, it is possible to set up everything together with our specialists already during the trial period before the initial training of end users.
  • Data transfers can be implemented either using Quant's REST API or by exchanging CSV files via FTPS server.
  • The Quant manuals include detailed documentation of the API and CSV/FTPS transfer logic.
Quant Desktop Installation

Once your instance of Quant is running, we will send login credentials for your users to the emails you select. The email will contain a link to set up a password and download the Quant Desktop application installer.

If you do not have rights to install applications, you will need the assistance of your IT department to install Quant.

After installing and running Quant, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Quant Desktop will then attempt to connect to our servers to synchronize with your database. 

It is possible that your firewall will block the connection, and you will be informed that the connection attempt failed after entering your password. If this occurs, our support will let you know what combinations of ports and ip addresses Quant is communicating on and your IT will need to adjust your firewall settings.

After the first successful login to the Quant Desktop application, everything is ready for the initial training.

2. Pilot Deployment

Week 1 - Basic Training

During the first week of working with Quant, we offer users intensive training in the form of three two-hour online meetings in MS Teams where the key user shares his screen and our consultants guide him step-by-step through the basic activities in Quant.

  • Training I - The first training will take you from importing basic data, to drawing fixtures in the store, to creating your first planograms and publishing them on Quant Web.
  • Training II - The second training focuses in more detail on working in the Store Editor and on creating planograms in the Project Editor.
  • Training III - The last training session in the first week usually focuses on Quant reports and analysis, but the content can be tailored to user preferences.
Week 2 - Drawing Pilot Stores

During the second week, users should be able to set up selected pilot stores in Quant, particularly in terms of the fixtures in the selected pilot categories. In the case of stores up to 200 m2 it is realistic to completely set up all the fixtures.

Our consultants will continuously respond to your questions in MS Teams and, if necessary, you can arrange an ad hoc video call with them, during which they will guide you step by step to resolve your request via screen sharing.

Week 3 + 4 - Creating and Publication of the First Planograms

During the third or forth week, you should be able to draw the first realistic planograms, introduce the pilot stores to Quant Web and guide them through the process of implementing the planograms you have created.

3. Normal Operation

After the first pilot month, there is usually a transition to normal operation during which you gradually draw the remaining stores and according to your chosen schedule you start to manage the distribution of categories and products within categories in all stores.

Our recommendation is to roll the planograms into the stores by categories so that over a period of 6 to 12 months, the complete display at all stores is gradually managed with Quant planograms.