Web Structure

Quant's web interface is used to publish planograms to stores, to communicate with stores or to manage products by the product suppliers themselves. It supports responsive design, so it is easy to work on the web via mobile phones or tablets. This manual describes the structure of the Quant web interface.

In this manual you will learn:

  1. Where can you log out or change your password?
  2. Where can you find the PDF download button?

If, while reading the web interface manuals, you come across a feature or section of the web that you do not see on your web interface but would like, please contact us to make that feature available to you. It does not have to be switched on by default.

We can set the tables for you as you wish. It is not a problem to add an attribute to a table or delete one. At the same time, we can set the order of the columns in the tables.

The web interface is divided into several sections:

  • Top bar
  • Toolbar - here you will find all the important buttons related to the displayed page.
  • Sidebar menu
  • Information about the store - information about the store is displayed here. You can choose the information which you want to see.
  • Chat - the store can use chat to write a message to the headquarters. You will see here all the messages which you send to the store from Quant.
Web Structure

Top bar

In the upper bar you will find:

Search Field - used to search for products or blog posts and switch between different stores.

SELs Basket - this is a so-called basket of price tags. The store will find price tags which can be added to this basket in order to print them. The price tags in the cart will only appear on the web if you use price tags via Quant.

New Task - by clicking on this button you can create a new task and assign it to the person who will solve it. You will only see this button if you are using Task Management, which Quant offers.

User icon - clicking on the user button in the upper right corner will open a new window that offers the option to Logout or Change Password.

Top bar


In the toolbar, you will always find all the necessary controls for a given page. In this image below, these are the buttons related to the store floor plan.

PDF download button = PDF download is possible on several pages of the web interface (floor plan, planogram, price tags…). You will always find it in the same place, on the right side of the toolbar. It is always named according to which PDF will be downloaded, and you can recognize it by the "download" icon in front of the button name.

Web Structure