Planogram Detail

If you want to view the planogram for a specific fixture, just click on this fixture in the floor plan and then select the Show Detail button. You will be redirected to the detail of the planogram where you can see a specific planogram and confirm its implementation here.

Planogram Confirmation

Confirmation of planogram implementation by the store is a crucial step in the planogram implementation process. As soon as the store issues the goods according to the planogram you have created, it informs you by confirming the planogram. It is up to you whether you want the store to upload an implementation photo when confirming the planogram.

Implementation photos for planograms

For planograms, stores can upload photos of the actual exposure in the store so that you can compare the planogram with the actual exposure. It is up to you whether you leave this as an option or whether you will require it from the store when confirming the planogram. Implementation photos greatly increase the motivation of stores to implement planograms correctly.

Planogram Overview in a Table

On the web interface in the menu in the Planograms section, you can view a list of all planograms of the selected store in a certain state of the life cycle. In this section you can download a PDF with all prepared, waiting or implemented planograms.

Notes on web

You can visualize different types of notes on the web. These are notes on the fixture and on the published planogram, and a composite note that relates to the publication of the planogram and can also be added to the PDF export.