Products Section Structure on web

The Products on the web section can take two different forms and it is up to you whether you want to use them both or whether you want to have the same structure of this tab for all user roles. Usually, category managers can also have a table where they can quickly find out in which stores the product is located.

Products on the Web

All products occurring, for example, in all pending planograms can be easily exported on the web interface. Products placed in planograms are available in the Products section.

Products Editing on Web

It is possible to edit measurements and images of products on web. This process is very useful especially when you start with Quant and you miss measurements or pictures of your products and you need them to start creating your planograms. You can give access to your employees who will measure the products and make a picture and upload this information through Quant Web.

Product piktograms

All product tables display pictograms in the Info column, from which you can quickly read useful information about the product. This manual describes all the pictograms that can be displayed on the site.