28. 12. 2022

Chilean company Empresas DBS chooses Quant to create store specific planograms

“I am confident that Quant will be a strategic partner of great value in the development of EDBS over the next few years,” says Salvador García, Head of Planning at Empresas DBS, as the Latin American company based in Chile chooses Quant to create store-specific planograms for their nationally as well as internationally expanding chain of more than 70 beauty stores.

Quant offers many visualization tools, planogram views and creation possibilities as well as analytical tools that make decisions on assortment changes easier. Thanks to the unique concept of planogram templates, it is completely natural in Quant to automatically create planograms optimized according to sales, space and business criteria. Besides that, the program allows you to solve not only micro space in the form of creating planograms but also macro space within one integrated, multi-user application thanks to the built-in management of store floor plans.

What has been of great importance to Empresas DBS is also the fact that Quant Retail now offers a complete support in the Spanish language, covering the whole process from initial presentations and trainings as well as the subsequent technical and user support.

Planograms in Quant