Form Fields Settings

The content of the form is created in Quant in the Fields tab. Here you enter the individual questions that should appear in the form. You can also select what type of question it is (Yes/No, Options, Text, Number, etc.) and how many points each answer will be scored if you want to calculate a score for the form.

In this manual you will learn the following:

  1. How do you add a new question to a form?
  2. How do you set the score for each question or colour to the answers?
  3. How do you add a note to a question?
  4. How do you add a button to a question to upload an image?
  5. How do you set up a task to be created for a question?
Fields tab

How do you add a new question?

Under the Fields tab, click on the Add button.

Then fill in:

  • Name - the text of the question. This can be a shorter version of the question you want to display in the overview table.
  • Text - the formulation of the question. This will be displayed directly in the form. It usually matches what is filled in the Name field.
  • Section - the name of the section to which the question will belong. Use it if you want to sort the questions into different sections (e.g. Store Interior, Store Exterior, Marketing)
  • Description - here you can fill in an explanation of the question asked. The explanation will be displayed in the form of a hint in case you hover over the question on the website.
  • Type - here you have to select what type of question it is (e.g. Yes/No, Options, Options with Images).
Adding a new question
Display question on the web


For each question, you can set a score, i.e. how many points you give the store for each answer.

If you want to count points for a question, you must check the Enable Score box. If you want the score for a question to be displayed, you must check the Display Score box.

Score Settings

Here you set how many points will be added for each specific answer. You can also set the colour highlighting of the answers here.

For the question "Are the windows clean?," the possible answers are Yes and No. If the answer is Yes, then 1 point is added to the store and the answer is highlighted in green. If the answer is No, the score is 0 and the answer is highlighted in red.

Score Settings
Display Score


You can add a note field for each question. 

Enable Note
Display Note


If you check the Enable Image checkbox, you can then upload an image for the question.

Enable Images
Uploading an image to a photo


If you want to be able to create a task for a question, you must check the Enable Task checkbox. Then, in the Task Type row, select the Task Type to use when creating a task for the question.

In the Task Type row, you can only select from task types that have the task context set to Form.

In the form we have the question "Is the poster next to the cash desk up to date?". If a store inspection finds that it is not, the regional manager can immediately set up a task for the store to fix it. This way you can enable the task setting option for all questions where it makes sense.


If you create a task for multiple questions within a form, we recommend that you check the Enable Parent Task check box in the form properties and set the Parent Task Type. Then, all tasks created within the form will be added as sub-tasks to one parent task and you can see the status of the parent task in a summary table with all completed forms. Read more in the Basic Settings of Forms manual.