Web Settings of Forms

If you have already created a form, you can configure e.g. the appearance of the form overview table or select which fields in the form should be mandatory. It is also possible to set up several different table or form layouts and switch between them. You can also set different user roles to have different layouts for the overview table or form.

Web form settings can be found in Quant if you select the form in the Forms section and click on the Web Settings button.

Web settings

To change an existing setting, in Web Settings, click on the New button to add a new configuration.

New configuration 

For a new configuration, you can fill in:


The name of the configuration.

Display Name

If a user has a role with multiple available configurations, he/she will see this name when switching between them.

Desktop Rights

Here you can set who can see or edit this configuration in the desktop application.

Web Access

Here you can set for whom the configuration should be applied on the web interface.

You can create multiple configurations and specify which configuration is available to whom in the Web Access line. If one user role has multiple configurations available, they will see a button on the web to switch between the different configurations.

Web access
Web - switch 1
Web - switch 2
Display Name in Form / Form Display Name

Check the box to ensure that Quant Web displays the form name in the header of the form you are filling in. By default, the name you filled in when you created the form is displayed; however, you can change it in the Form Displayed Name line.

Allow Save without Filled Required Fields

If this box is checked, the form can be saved even if all required fields are not filled in. However, if this box is not checked, the form cannot be saved unless all required fields are filled in.

Name and required fields
Name and required fields on web
Form Name Width

Affects the width of the form name in the header.

Form Category Width

Controls the width of the text in the form.

Form Sub Category Width

Affects the width of each question of the form.

Setting width
Table [All]

Here you set what attributes you want to see in the table, which can be found on the web in the Table / All section.

Table [Store]

Here you set what attributes you want to see in the table, which can be found in the Table / Store section.

Adding attribute

Here you set various attributes of individual fields in the form - whether they should be mandatory or editable, etc.

Setting fields