Product Photos and Measurements

A common obstacle in the first phase of a project is the lack of dimensions and photos of the products. While there are several ways to obtain this information, the most proven and fastest method is usually to measure the products and obtain photos internally. Quant has developed a module for this purpose to record product dimensions and take photos, which will greatly simplify the work on this task.

How to proceed?

Step 1: Upload the primary product data into Quant.

The first thing to do is to upload all the products you need to measure and photograph into Quant, so that you can then find them on the Quant web and fill in everything you need for them. It is mandatory to have a product ID in the product data file. Subsequently, it is also useful to add information such as product name, supplier, brand or EAN.

Step 2: Find the product on Quant web.

On a mobile phone, tablet or other device with a camera, use the search field to find the product you want to measure.

Finding the product 

Another option is to use a wireless barcode scanner and track the product by barcode.

Step 3: Measure the product and enter the dimensions via the Quant application.

Step 4: Click in the image area and use your mobile or tablet camera to take a picture of the product.

Filling the measurements and uploading photo 

How should you ideally photograph a product?

  • Put a white canvas in the background.
  • The photo should show the front view, i.e. the way the picture should be displayed on the shelf. Do not take the photo of the product at a certain angle.
  • Try to avoid shadows.
  • The image does not necessarily need to be cropped. Quant allows you to bulk crop images directly in the desktop application. However, in order to bulk crop images, they must meet the conditions mentioned above.
Example of the correct photo 

Step 5: Click the Save button.