Shelf Label Editor

Shelf Label Editor

This manual will give you an overview of how to create shelf labels in Quant using Shelf Label Editor.

Shelf Labels Page

In the Shelf Label Editor, under the Page tab, you can set the format of the entire shelf label page to be printed and the dimensions of the shelf label.

Shelf Labels Setting

In this manual you will find an overview of shelf labels attributes, examples for better final preview and the possibility to highlight it graphically.

Shelf Label Objects

Each price tag contains objects that relate to the product, store or equipment. All attributes can be imported into Quant and graphically modified on the price tag.

Pictograms on Shelf Labels

In this manual you will find two examples of the use of pictograms on shelf labels.

Shelf Label Editor Tools

This manual describes tools in the Shelf Label Editor such as copying objects from the default shelf label to the action one or exporting list of shelf labels to PDF.