Optimized Planograms

Optimized Planograms

Optimized planograms rank among the most advanced functionalities offered by Quant. Thanks to this functionality, the specifics of individual stores can be taken into account and planograms optimized based on the sales data of such stores can be generated.

Setting of Replenishment Criteria

Quant optimizes the planogram according to the set replenishment criteria. The replenishment criteria are set for each template separately. In this manual these criteria will be described.

Setting of Priority Levels

When deciding whether or not to place a product, Quant must respect not only the settings of replenishment criteria or sales data, but also the priority levels of the blocks, which are described in detail here.

Setting and Respecting of the Number of BUs in Width

In the optimized planograms, in addition to the replenishment criteria, the number of packages in the planogram can also be set according to different priority levels.

Filling the Optimized Planogram with Products

In the optimized planogram in Quant, the shelves are filled with products at respecting the set parameters described in other manuals. The filling rules are described int this manual.

Fixture Tags

Tags set on products and fixtures are used as a tool to restrict placing a specific product in specific fixtures in optimized planograms.