Table Settings Browser

In Quant, a plenty of tables you work with on a daily basis, can be found. You often set the table exactly as you wish and you would like to save the settings to be available at any time so that you do not to have to set the table again. This is exactly what Table Settings Browser available for every table in Quant is used for.

Working with Tables

Quant has a large number of tables in which items can be easily filtered, sorted, reordered or searched. Many functions will make it easier for you to work in Quant. This manual describes what features Quant offers when working with tables.

Filtering in Tables

In any table in Quant, you can use both simple and advanced filters to easily get the list of items you need to work with.

Sorting in Tables

You can sort tables in Quant by any column. If you click in a column header, you can sort the items in the table by the values of that column. At the same time, you can group items by the same values of a particular attribute.

Advanced Selection

Advanced selection allows you to add to the selection all items that you have listed, for example, in a table in Excel or in a text document.

Table Chart

There are many tables in Quant that can be used for further analysis. The Table Chart tool is great for this purpose, because you can choose interesting settings and display the data so that it is easy to read for each user.